High School Sports in the Streaming Age

By Micah Drew/Flathead Beacon on November 18, 2020 state news Print

From the Flathead Beacon:

Streaming is not a new concept in the age of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+, but high school sports haven’t been at the forefront of the online revolution.

Eight years ago, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) began working on a remedy by creating the NFHS Network.

“There are two million high school games played every year,” NFHS Network Vice President Mark Koski said. “The network was created with one goal in mind: to showcase every high school student and game throughout the country.”

So far in 2020, the NFHS network has more than quadrupled its number of subscribers compared to 2019, when only 5,000 schools were streaming games.

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