NFHS Staff

  • Beth Ainbinder

    Beth Ainbinder

    Manager of Marketing and Events
  • Lindsey Atkinson

    Lindsey Atkinson

    Director of Sports/Comm. Associate
  • JoAnne Bennett

    JoAnne Bennett

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Lisa Beverly

    Lisa Beverly

    Manager of Executive Affairs Office of the Executive Director
  • John Black

    John Black

    General Counsel
  • Chris Boone

    Chris Boone

    Assistant Director of Publications and Communications
  • Lori Brown

    Lori Brown

    Coordinator of Sports and Officials Association
  • Kathy Caudill

    Kathy Caudill

    Database Coordinator
  • Julie Cochran

    Julie Cochran

    Director of Sports
  • Bob Colgate

    Bob Colgate

    Director of Sports and Sports Medicine
  • Melanie Cooksey

    Melanie Cooksey

    Coordinator of Accounts Payable
  • Jason Frost

    Jason Frost

    Coordinator of Officials Education
  • Averi Glover

    Averi Glover

    Coordinator of Sports, Pub./Comm. and Graphic Arts
  • Kim Grzegorek

    Kim Grzegorek

    Coordinator of Accounts Receivable
  • Angela Hays

    Angela Hays

    Manager of Executive Affairs - Chief Operating Officer's Office
  • Elliot Hopkins

    Elliot Hopkins

    Director of Sports, Sanctioning and Student Services
  • Bruce Howard

    Bruce Howard

    Director of Publications and Communications
  • Alex Kight

    Alex Kight

    Coordinator of Course Editing
  • Mark Koski

    Mark Koski

    Director of Marketing/CEO NFHS Network
  • Michael Meenan

    Michael Meenan

    Director of Information Services
  • Mautrice Meriweather

    Mautrice Meriweather

    Chief Talent Officer
  • Kyle Mills

    Kyle Mills

    Manager of Performing Arts & Sports
  • Shane Monaghan

    Shane Monaghan

    Assistant Director of Marketing and Events
  • Andrea Mortimer

    Andrea Mortimer

    Coordinator of Sports
  • Linda Nichols

    Linda Nichols

    Front Office Coordinator
  • Karissa Niehoff

    Karissa Niehoff

    Executive Director
  • Randy Orr

    Randy Orr

    Manager of Printing Department
  • Nate Perry

    Nate Perry

    Coordinator of Media Relations
  • Cody Porter

    Cody Porter

    Manager of Media Relations
  • Jerrod Richards

    Jerrod Richards

    Coordinator of Coach Education Communications
  • Kelly Russell

    Kelly Russell

    Manager of Sports, Sanctioning and Student Services
  • Dan Schuster

    Dan Schuster

    Director of Educational Services
  • Sandy Searcy

    Sandy Searcy

    Director of Sports
  • Alex Shaw

    Alex Shaw

    Manager of Technology Development
  • Abby Toppe

    Abby Toppe

    Coordinator of Educational Services
  • Kim Vogel

    Kim Vogel

    Manager of Design and Branding
  • James Weaver

    James Weaver

    Director of Performing Arts and Sports
  • Davis Whitfield

    Davis Whitfield

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Angela Williams

    Angela Williams

    Coordinator of Sports
  • Theresia Wynns

    Theresia Wynns

    Director of Sports & Officials Education